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太平通宝方孔钱币,中国历代王朝多有铸造。以其用途,可以分为行用钱和厌胜钱(俗称花钱)两类。北宋太宗太平兴国年间,南宋高宗朝前后,南宋高宗建炎年间李婆备起义军,辽圣宗太平年间,明孝宗弘治年间大理国,清代天地会和小刀会起义军,等,均铸有太平通宝。安南(今越南)、日本等国,历史上也铸有太平通宝。安南顺化太祖阮璜,公元1627年铸太平通宝;日本镰仓时代(1192-1338年),民间亦私铸有太平通宝。北宋太宗赵光义,太平兴国年间(公元976~公元984)铸,为宋代第一种年号钱。太平兴国(976年十二月—984年十一月)是北宋君主宋太宗赵匡义的一个年号,共计近8年。吴越忠懿王钱俶亦用该年号纪年(976年十二月-978年五月)                                                                    The coins of Taiping Tongbao square hole have been minted in many dynasties in China. With its use, it can be divided into two categories: business money and weariness money (commonly known as money). During the reign of Emperor Taizong in the Northern Song Dynasty, before and after the reign of Emperor Gaozong in the Southern Song Dynasty, during the reign of Emperor Gaozong in the Southern Song Dynasty, during the reign of emperor Jianyan in the Southern Song Dynasty, Li Po prepared a rebel army, during the reign of emperor Shengzong in the Liao Dynasty, during the reign of emperor Xiaoxiao in the Ming Dynasty, during the reign of emperor Hongzhi in the Ming Dynasty, and during the reign of emperor Tiandi Hui and Xiaodao Hui in the Qing Dynasty. Annam (today's Vietnam), Japan and other countries have also forged Taiping Tongbao in history. In 1627, Ruan Huang, the great ancestor of Shunhua, made the Taiping Tongbao. In the Kamakura era of Japan (1192-1338), the Taiping Tongbao was also privately made. Zhao Guangyi, Emperor Taizong of the Northern Song Dynasty, was cast in the reign of Taiping Xingguo (976-984 A.D.), which was the first money of the Song Dynasty. Taiping Xingguo (December 976 November 984) is a year number of Zhao Kuangyi, Emperor Taizong of the Northern Song Dynasty, for nearly 8 years. Qian Chu, King Yiwang of Wuyue, also recorded the year with this number (December 976 may 978)



The seal script and official script of Taiping Tongbao of Emperor Taizong of Song Dynasty are irreplaceable in the history of Chinese currency. Their casting and existence ushered in a new era of coin development, which has far-reaching influence on the later coin casting. Without the shape and fact of Taiping Tongbao Zhuan and official script to money and year number money in the reign of Taiping Xingguo, there would be no coins in the imperial script of Kaishi, Xingxing and CaoShi in the later Chunhua and Zhidao years of Taizong, and there would be no such coins as xiangfuyuan, Tongbao, Tianxi Tongbao and Tiansheng Yuanbao of Zhenzong and Renzong. Because of the origin of Taiping Tongbao Zhuan and Lishu coins, there is a magnificent chapter of the whole Song Dynasty and even the later dynasties that we now know.


The development of monetary economy in Song Dynasty was all-round, which created a new historical period in which copper, silver and banknotes were parallel to copper. The coins of Song Dynasty have their own characteristics, which can serve as a link between the past and the future, and play an important role in the history of Chinese coins. And the opening, development and formation system of the money, the Royal book money and the year number money has the merit of inheriting the past and opening up the future, which has played a leading and exemplary role in the later dynasties' coin casting.In the Song Dynasty, the coin casting line had obvious characteristics. It was popular to cast imperial book money, popular to cast right money and three kinds of money, popular to cast country name money and year number money. There was also a cultural event in which the emperor and the literary giant wrote the year name money in person.


Judging from the shape of coins, the style of money writing, the technique of making money and the common flavor of the times, it can be concluded that the seal script Taiping Tongbao was made in the reign of Taiping Xingguo of Emperor Taizong of Song Dynasty. And Taiping Tongbao Lishu coins, forming the Song Dynasty's kind of money. It was only because during the period of Taiping's rejuvenation, it was the title of Taizong, which

lasted less than eight years. At that time, Taizong had just ascended the throne, and was in a state of chaos in politics and war. He stabilized the throne internally, pacified the people, forced curios to accept the land externally, pacified the northern Han Dynasty and conquered the Liao state, and tried to unify Jiaozhi (today's Vietnam), and carried out the policy of guarding the interior and the exterior. Therefore, the coins of Taiping Tongbao and Lishu coins can be circulated all over the country when they are put into practice. After the trial casting of seal script coins, they failed to be cast in the world because of the immature time or some unexpected changes.