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"Light crimson" is the concept of Chinese painting. It refers to the landscape painting, which is mainly made up of light ochre and cyan, with the outline drawn in ink and slightly chapped. It originated in the Yuan Dynasty. The "light crimson" in the light crimson porcelain refers to a kind of black glaze color material, which is popular from the late Qing Dynasty to the early Republic of China. The pattern is drawn on the porcelain body, and then dyed with light ochre, water green, grass green, light blue and purple. It is a special color painting process fired at low temperature (650-700 ). Its artistic style is similar to the light crimson landscape of traditional Chinese painting, so it is called "light crimson color".


There are many kinds of painted porcelain in China: five colors and three colors are called by the number of color materials used; hard colors and soft colors are distinguished by the texture of color materials; and light crimson colors are named by the color materials of painted porcelain. Although light crimson porcelain was only popular in the late Qing Dynasty to the early Republic of China, it left a fresh and elegant stroke in the history of Chinese ceramics. At that time, influenced by the style of famous ink painters, Jingdezhen's porcelain painters first sketched and textured white porcelain, then applied light ochre, cyan and light green, intending to

light and soft, and changed the bright red and thick green style, which won people's favor at that time.


The early masters of light crimson include Cheng men, Jin Pinqing, Wang Shaowei, etc. they are all painters who are good at splashing ink on paper, joining the Jingdezhen porcelain art world, expressing their feelings between the ink and the pen, showing the gullies in their chest, and spitting the smoke on the paper. This kind of behavior of literati painters participating in ceramic art creation is the first in the history of Chinese ceramics, and forms another development of

Jingdezhen porcelain plate painting An orgasm.


ForFor a long time, most of the works of the famous artists of the light crimson color porcelain paintings have been appreciated and collected by the officials. In order to meet the aesthetic needs, most of the themes are to show the literati feelings of crane like cloud posture, elegant rhyme, happy feeling and smooth spirit, as well as the common customs of the noble Qiquan sect. "Poetry in painting, painting in poetry" is one of the characteristics of light crimson color works. It

shows the "three wonders" of Chinese painting and calligraphy art -- poetry, calligraphy and painting on porcelain, so as to combine porcelain painting with traditional Chinese painting and create a new face of porcelain painting.